Thailand D-STAR Information

VHF repeater frequency 145.61250 MHz Duplex -0.600 MHz
UHF repeater frequency 438.01250 MHz Duplex -5.000 MHz
VHF gateway and personal hotspots – any between 145.550 and 145.600 MHz

Thailand Repeater G3 Gateway

Thailand DPlus Register Register

Thailand DPlus Reflector

Other Reflector
XLX520 Multi Protocol Reflector (XRF/DCS/REF)
Name : XRF520 / DCS520 /REF520
Address :
Dashboard :

DCS001 U DCS Reflector (Many thanks to our generous friends from Germany for letting us use their DCS server)
Name : DCS001 U
Address :
Dashboard :

D-STAR Repeater and Gateway Map

73 ,88

D-STAR Thailand Admin Team